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Chilton Meadows Day Nursery

Chilton Moor

Houghton Le Spring




"Outstanding in all areas by Ofsted"


We love to receive feedback, you can read what parents and carers have to say about their experiences at Chilton Meadows Day Nursery here


Here is what Ofsted say about us:

"Highly qualified staff team has an excellent understanding of how children learn through play and what to do to support their progression. They plan activities and experiences that build on children's interests and support them to make rapid progress in their learning."


“Children display excellent behaviour across all areas of the nursery. Staff give them clear instructions and children always listen. Children show kindness towards friends when they are playing. They offer support and share their resources.”


"Children are extremely well looked after. Excellent deployment of staff, along with detailed and precise care planning, helps to provide every chid with the specific support that they need. This includes children whohave special educational needs or disabilities."


“Leadership and management of the nursery are inspirational. The enthusiastic manager drives forward improvements and supports the staff team well, all of whom are eager to do their very best for children. Staff have supervision and encouragement to develop superb skills. This helps them to continuously seek more ways to enhance the learning opportunities for children.”


“The manager and staff consistently strive for excellence. They monitor and evaluate every aspect of the setting to help children have the most positive learning experience possible. The views of parents and children are also taken into account.”


“Staff have formed particularly strong bonds with parents and they communicate exceptionallywell with them. They consistently share children's progress with parents and also invite them into the nursery to observe how children learn. They borrow story bags and a wide variety of resources. This all helps parents to continue their child's learning at home.”


To read the full Ofsted report Click Here.

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